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Stone Walls

A stone wall is the type of landscape feature that adds structure and utility to a landscape. Stone walls can be used to retain a hillside, to control erosion, or provide extra seating around a patio. Walls can also be a stand-alone feature, much like a sculpture, to delineate a property line or to act as the perfect backdrop to a perennial garden. Stone walls are one of the quintessential features of the New England landscape. 

Stone walls are the landscape feature most associated with the New England landscape.

Custom built stone walls in a Hopkinton New Hampshire landscape

Stone walls are our specialty. I'd estimate we have built more than a mile of walls over the past few decades if you placed them end to end, mostly using native, New Hampshire field stone. Chances are you've have driven by one of our walls if you live locally. As experienced stone masons, we have the technical knowledge to build walls that stand up to all four seasons for generations while still maintaining their form and structural integrity. The wall we design for your landscape will be a work of art. 

"...New England Accents had a great reputation for stone wall craftsmanship, and they didn't disappoint."

"I've always enjoyed the look of stone walls and was excited to finally have one on my property. I knew that New England Accents had a great reputation for stone wall craftsmanship, and they didn't disappoint. The wall they constructed is my favorite feature in our new landscape."

-Homeowner, Merrimack, New Hampshire


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